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Spring Cleaning: Our Guide to Clearing Out Your Clutter!

Donate old toys to a local charity. Photo credit: David Zellaby via Flickr.

Donate old toys to a local charity. Photo credit: David Zellaby via Flickr.

[We stopped by KUTV 2News to share these tips. Watch the segment!]

Spring is in full swing in Salt Lake City. If you’ve caught the spring cleaning bug, we’ve got some tips on how to clean out your clutter without sending items to the landfill.


Before tossing them, check to see if they are in relatively good condition. If so, donate them to a local charity for resale. If your books are beyond repair, put them in your curbside recycling bin.


If you have toys that are in good condition, considering posting them on or Craigslist for some extra cash.

Or give them away to a family with young children — you might even be able to arrange a swap! And you can always donate them to a local charity so they can find new life.

Toys that have seen their last playtime can often be recycled. A great example — any toys made entirely of plastic.


If your old TV, computer, mobile phone, etc. is still in working order, donate it!

If these items are no longer functional, recycle them responsibly at one of SLCgreen’s e-waste recycling events this summer. All events run from 8 a.m. to noon at the following Smith’s Food & Drug locations:

  • May 17: 455 S 500 East
  • June 21: 876 E 800 South
  • July 19: 1174 W 600 North
  • August 16: 455 S 500 East

More information, including a list of acceptable items.


Furniture in good condition can be sold on or Craiglist. Donation is another excellent option.

If your furniture is broken, it is an acceptable item to place on the curb during your Salt Lake City Neighborhood Cleanup Day.

Cleaning Supplies

After you clear out your clutter, it’s time to clean things up! We recommend using green cleaning alternatives. Check out this blog for more details, including recipes to make your own green cleaner.

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