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Halloween Decorating! SLCgreen Style

Sustainability Decorations- plastic bag ghosts, trash bag spider webs, sunflowers.

Halloween is right around the corner! Have you finished your decorations yet?

The City & County Building is having a door decorating competition between departments (never mind that the building itself might be haunted….!)

Of course, here at the Sustainability Department we know it’s important to “walk our talk” in terms of decorating with reused, compostable, and recyclable goods to keep material out of the landfill.

In the process, we had a fun time using our creativity (and Google) to come up with some cool ways to spookishly decorate. Here are some tips for your home or office: Read more

Recycle Snapshot: Mattresses


It’s complicated

Nighttime, bedrooms, soft linens

Sleep well last night? Well, that’s because of me.  If you’re moving and you can’t take me with you, or you’re upgrading a new mattress, it’s time for you to take care of me. If I am in good condition, donate me! If I’ve seen my last slumber party, bring me to Spring Back Utah, which is a local business that specializes in keeping me out of the landfill.

Don’t forget to bring along my other half; the box spring!


Spring Cleaning: Our Guide to Clearing Out Your Clutter!

Donate old toys to a local charity. Photo credit: David Zellaby via Flickr.

Donate old toys to a local charity. Photo credit: David Zellaby via Flickr.

[We stopped by KUTV 2News to share these tips. Watch the segment!]

Spring is in full swing in Salt Lake City. If you’ve caught the spring cleaning bug, we’ve got some tips on how to clean out your clutter without sending items to the landfill.


Before tossing them, check to see if they are in relatively good condition. If so, donate them to a local charity for resale. If your books are beyond repair, put them in your curbside recycling bin.


If you have toys that are in good condition, considering posting them on or Craigslist for some extra cash.

Or give them away to a family with young children — you might even be able to arrange a swap! And you can always donate them to a local charity so they can find new life.

Toys that have seen their last playtime can often be recycled. A great example — any toys made entirely of plastic.


If your old TV, computer, mobile phone, etc. is still in working order, donate it!

If these items are no longer functional, recycle them responsibly at one of SLCgreen’s e-waste recycling events this summer. All events run from 8 a.m. to noon at the following Smith’s Food & Drug locations:

  • May 17: 455 S 500 East
  • June 21: 876 E 800 South
  • July 19: 1174 W 600 North
  • August 16: 455 S 500 East

More information, including a list of acceptable items.


Furniture in good condition can be sold on or Craiglist. Donation is another excellent option.

If your furniture is broken, it is an acceptable item to place on the curb during your Salt Lake City Neighborhood Cleanup Day.

Cleaning Supplies

After you clear out your clutter, it’s time to clean things up! We recommend using green cleaning alternatives. Check out this blog for more details, including recipes to make your own green cleaner.

Earth Day Impact: Reduce & Reuse

Are you wondering what you can do to reduce your impact this Earth Day — and every day?

More than 1,300 tons of garbage is buried in the Salt Lake Valley Landfill every day. Here are a few simple things you can do to limit your impact.

Reusable Products

reusable bagDitch the disposables! Embrace reusable bags when you go to the grocery store.

Say goodbye to expensive and wasteful plastic water bottles. Instead, swap in a reusable glass or stainless steel bottle. You can even purchase an insulated version to keep your drinks cool on hot summer days. Salt Lake City’s TapIt program boasts a network of businesses that will refill your bottle with fresh water, too!

And speaking of drinks, bring a reusable coffee mug to your local coffee shop. You’ll even get a discount on your next latte!

Avoid Overpackaging

Sure, those individually packaged mini carrots may save you a few seconds when you are packing lunches in the morning, but is that worth the extra money and wasted material?

Save some green and reduce your weekly waste by buying a large package instead, and placing them in reusable containers each day. More tips to green your lunch.

Reduce Junk Mail

We all get it, and we all hate it. has some tips to reduce the amount of unwanted mail you receive. In a few simple steps, you can cut out mass marketing mailers, catalogs and credit card offers!

You can also reduce your impact by going “paperless” for your monthly credit card, bank and utility statements.

Just getting started? Get more tips at

We stopped by KUTV2 News on Earth Day to share these tips. Watch the video of the segment!


The Leonardo UpCycle Project

Our friends at The Leonardo have a very cool project that we just had to share with our readers!

The UpCycle Project takes items destined for the landfill and uses them to fuel innovation and creativity. Residents can drop off their old clutter which will then be up-cycled into a cool Art or Science project. Then stop by The Leo’s Tinkering Garage or the art Lab @ Leo to take part in one of their fun up-cycling activities!

Here’s a sample of items they are able to accept:


Materials can be dropped off any time during regular business hours. More information is available on their website.

Before “Recycle” Comes…

Recycle Symbol on Paper

Reduce and Reuse!

Did you know that over 1,300 tons of garbage is buried in the Salt Lake Valley Landfill every day?

Salt Lake City residents already have access to no less than four waste bins (garbage, mixed recycling, compost/yard waste and glass). Proper use of these bins is crucial to waste diversion, which is a technical term that basically means that the more waste we recycle in one form or another, the less garbage fills up the landfill.

But before recycling comes reduce and reuse. Everyone can reduce waste by incorporating some simple choices in their everyday shopping patterns.

Strategies include:

  • Reusing items more frequently
  • Buying items that last longer (skip the disposables)
  • Not buying items you don’t need (save waste AND money)
  • Paying attention to excessive packaging on items

We have some great tips on reusable products like water bottles and tote bags, reducing junk mail and environmentally preferable purchasing on our SLCGreen website.

Do you have any questions? Let us know!