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“Leave your Leaves!” This Fall, try mulching your leaves at home



In the fall, when autumn brings a chill to the air, and Salt Lake’s oaks and elms and other deciduous trees drop their leaves, many of us turn on the blowers, haul out the rakes, and get ready for some serious work.

But—have you considered an alternative?  Using some or all of your leaves to mulch your yard or garden? Read more

Brown Compost Bin Collection Resumes February 27, 2017


Warmer temperatures mean Salt Lake City’s Waste & Recycling Division will resume curbside compost can collection the week of February 27th – two weeks ahead of schedule.

“We will continue to have some late-winter storms, but temperatures are on the rise and we know residents are eager to get outside and start working in their yards,” said Debbie Lyons, Sustainability Division Director.  “We appreciate residents’ cooperation during the winter suspension.”

Salt Lake City institutes a yard waste can suspension during the coldest and lowest-demand weeks of winter. The suspension saves money and cuts air pollution during the worst air quality days of the season.

The five-week suspension began on January 23rd. The City saved 2,726 gallons of fuel, 84,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, 611 pounds of air pollutants, and $18,305 of fuel and maintenance costs. The savings will help maintain consistent monthly fees year-round.

Eligible material for the brown yard waste bin includes weeds, lawn clippings, leaves, tree branches, tea bags, coffee grounds, fruit & vegetables, and eggshells. The waste is processed at Salt Lake City’s compost facility and turned into wood chips, mulch, and compost, which is then available for purchase at the Salt Lake Valley Landfill, 6030 W. California Ave. (1300 South). Compost sells for $30 per scoop (approximately three yards per scoop).Compost and mulch are available for purchase year-round. Read more

“Leave your Leaves!” This Fall, try mulching your leaves at home


Recycling? Check!

Bringing your reusable bag?  Double-check!

Proudly displaying your idle-free sticker? Yup!

Mulching at home?  Huh??

Did you know that one of sustainability’s best practices is to “leave leaves alone”?   

In the fall, when autumn brings a chill to the air, and Salt Lake’s oaks and elms and other deciduous trees drop their leaves, many of us turn on the blowers, haul out the rakes, and get ready for some serious work.

But—have you considered an alternative?  Using some or all of your leaves to mulch your yard or garden?

We’d like to invite you to do just that.

Feeding leaves back into your soil is a cost-effective and natural way to enrich your yard, as well as to protect fall plants and vegetables from the cold.

Curious?  Here are some tips for making the most of our autumnal deluge:

Read more

Waste Less, Save More! SLCgreen Encourages You To Downsize Your Garbage

Truck Wraps Collage

Have you noticed the new truck wraps driving around Salt Lake City?

We’ve outfitted all of our Sanitation vehicles with bright new wrappers promoting downsizing options available to all city residents. So keep your eyes open on garbage day!

Every month, you pay one fee for your garbage can – that’s it. Your recycling and compost can service is included in that fee. There are three garbage can sizes, and if you downsize your can you also downsize your monthly waste fee!

Can Size Monthly Fee per Can
90-gallon Garbage $21.00
60-gallon Garbage $17.75
40-gallon Garbage $13.75

Call (801) 535-6999 to downsize your garbage can today.

Salt Lake City Offers Residents Two Options to Recycle Holiday Trees

This January, Salt Lake City is pleased to offer residents two convenient options to recycle their holiday trees.

Beginning today, residents are encouraged to recycle their trees, free of lights and decorations, by placing them in their brown curbside compost can. By choosing this option to recycle their holiday trees, residents will help the City reduce the air quality impact of its vehicle emissions during winter inversion season.

Beginning Monday, January 11 and running through Friday, January 22, 2016, Salt Lake City will also collect holiday trees placed at the curb. Trees must be placed at the curb before January 11 to guarantee pickup and composting.

In the case of dramatic snow fall, adjustments to the curbside holiday tree collection schedule may be required.

More information is available at or by calling (801) 535-6999.

Holiday Tree Ad Option 2-2016

City Suspends Regular Waste Pickup Due to Weather (Update 12/16/2015)

Update: Wednesday 12/16/2015

Today Sanitation trucks will be finishing the remaining homes from Tuesday and working on normal Wednesday routes, although some homes will be collected later than normal.

A few remaining areas from Monday, primarily in the Avenues and Capitol areas, have not been collected. Crews will be checking those areas periodically to see when they can be collected, and trucks will go back when possible.

Yard waste is suspended today but will resume tomorrow. We expect to be back on a normal collection schedule by the end of today.

Please call (801) 535-6999 with questions, and thank you for your patience.

Update: Tuesday 12/15/2015

Salt Lake City is currently collecting both Monday & Tuesday service routes today. Curbside compost/yard waste collection is suspended to focus on recycling and garbage service, please pull your cans from the curb and place them out next week.

Sanitation is coordinating with Salt Lake City Streets to clear remaining areas, but cul de sacs, narrow one-way streets, alleys and back-in locations may not be collected until later Tuesday, once they are cleared.

We expect to be back on a normal waste service collection schedule as of Wednesday, 12/16/2015.

Please call (801) 535-6999 with questions.

Original post from Monday, 12/14/2015

Due to weather conditions, Salt Lake City is ceasing regular Monday waste collections for the day.

With more snow forecast for Tuesday, City Sanitation Service will do their best to complete Monday and Tuesday routes pickups by Wednesday, but they may occur later in the day depending on road conditions. Snow is expected throughout Monday night and into Tuesday.

Residents are asked to please pull in their cans off the curb today so City snow plow drivers can clean the streets and plan on placing cans back out on Tuesday morning, before 7 a.m.

The City also requests residents refrain from putting out their recycle and compost cans if they can wait another week for collection to help expedite makeup service on Tuesday.

Collectors will work to accomplish pickups for residents who were missed first before moving on to regularly scheduled homes. If weather continues to impact collections, some pickups may need to be rescheduled for Saturday.

Updates will be available on the City website at You can also call (801) 535-6999 with questions.

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Fall is here, keep your street gutters clear!


Look for these signs on Salt Lake City street sweepers this fall

This fall, Salt Lake City is reminding residents to please keep their street gutters clear of leaves and debris.

Our street sweepers are hard at work, but they need your help! By clearing your street gutter of leaves and debris, you will help prevent stormwater drains from clogging, which can result in street flooding, protect water quality and minimize the burden on the sewer system from surface debris.

Salt Lake City residents can also request an extra can for leaves by calling (801) 535-6999 or emailing (please include your name, address and phone number).

**Leaf cans are in high demand! If you are done with yours, please call (801) 535-6999 so someone else can use it. Thanks! **