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Earth Week Day 5: Common Recycling Mistakes

Are you making these recycling mistakes-

It’s Earth Week!

Each day this week SLCgreen will post different tips and activities to challenge you to reduce your impact on the Earth.

To build off our waste theme, today we are looking at some common recycling mistakes.

Below is a list of common recycling errors and how to fix them.

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Earth Week Day 4: What To Do With Your Plastic Bags

Each day this week SLCgreen will post different tips and activities to challenge you to reduce your impact on the Earth.

Today we’re focusing on one of the most commonly asked questions: What to do with plastic bags?

Did you know that you shouldn’t bag your recyclables?

In fact, you should avoid putting plastic bags and garbage bags in your residential recycling bin entirely.

Plastic bags hinder the recycling process by:

  • Not allowing the haulers to see if other non-recyclable materials are in the blue recycling bin.
  • Contaminating otherwise good recycling materials.
  • Wrapping around the equipment at the sorting facility. Plastic bags can damage machines and cause shutdowns, wasting time and dollars.

Watch this video by DNA Info Chicago to see how plastic bags can interrupt recycling machines on a daily basis:

So what should you do? Read more

SLC’s Newest Recycling Trucks Remind Us to Ditch the Disposables


By Kyle Strayer

Keep an eye out for the city’s newest recycling trucks with our “Ditch Your Disposables” image.

The wrap covers eight of the new trucks, which have replaced older models. They are the newest addition to the city’s fleet of 34 trucks. (Check out previous years’ truck wraps here and here.)

Beyond the nifty new wrap, these state-of-the-art recycling trucks have a dynamic mechanical arm, multiple camera feeds displayed on the dashboard, two on-board trash compactors, and can haul 9 – 10 tons of material each.

Each truck has a low-emission profile too– three are Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and five are new clean diesel (100% of Salt Lake City’s refuse trucks are either CNG or clean diesel).

If you live in SLC, every item you recycle is eventually hauled off in one of the City’s trucks and taken to a recycling facility.  These trucks travel miles of city streets every day, collecting material and sending it off to be made into something new.

Their widespread visibility is one reason we use them for public education.

So back to the new wrap: Why the slogan “Wash, Reuse, Repeat”?  

Simply washing your durable products– whether a glass, coffee mug, silverware, or plate– instead of opting for disposables can save tons of material from going to the landfill each year.

(Sometimes disposable products are recycled, but usually they end up in the landfill. The waxy lining on paper coffee cups and plates makes them non-recyclable; and the difficult size and variable components of plastic utensils makes them ill-suited for recycling.)

Remember the tag line “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”?  

We think the first and second words and resulting behaviors need a little more love.

“Wash Reuse Repeat” is a new spin on the original slogan, reminding everyone that: Read more

Neighborhood Cleanup Information – 2017

NCU v2

The annual Neighborhood Cleanup Program for oversize items is back! The program provides an opportunity for residents to dispose of large waste items that are too big to fit in the city’s curbside cans.

The program runs from April – October across Salt Lake City. Roughly three weeks before your cleanup date, you’ll receive a postcard with your collection week.

Please do not place items on your curb before your specified week. If you aren’t sure of your street’s schedule, please call 801-535-6999. Dates are not posted online in order to discourage illegal dumping.

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Want an Inside Look at SLC’s Waste Management System? Master Recycler 2017 is Now Enrolling!

Are you interested in the nitty gritty of recycling?

In learning why plastic bags are so hard to deal with?

Or what happens when garbage gets sent to the landfill?

Would you like to become a greater champion for reducing, reusing, and recycling in our community?


Then consider joining Salt Lake City’s 2017 “Master Recycler program!”

The program has been providing in-depth education about recycling, composting, and solid waste management to Salt Lake community members since 2015. It gives participants a behind-the-scenes look at Salt Lake City’s waste management system from bin to recycling plant.

Our mission is “to create a network of champions who are trained in waste reduction strategies and are able to assist with outreach and engagement in the Salt Lake City community.”

By learning from outreach experts and visiting waste management facilities, Master Recyclers are empowered to educate their own communities about all aspects of waste reduction.

Everyone is welcome to participate! Registration is open until the class is full.

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Brown Compost Bin Collection Resumes February 27, 2017


Warmer temperatures mean Salt Lake City’s Waste & Recycling Division will resume curbside compost can collection the week of February 27th – two weeks ahead of schedule.

“We will continue to have some late-winter storms, but temperatures are on the rise and we know residents are eager to get outside and start working in their yards,” said Debbie Lyons, Sustainability Division Director.  “We appreciate residents’ cooperation during the winter suspension.”

Salt Lake City institutes a yard waste can suspension during the coldest and lowest-demand weeks of winter. The suspension saves money and cuts air pollution during the worst air quality days of the season.

The five-week suspension began on January 23rd. The City saved 2,726 gallons of fuel, 84,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, 611 pounds of air pollutants, and $18,305 of fuel and maintenance costs. The savings will help maintain consistent monthly fees year-round.

Eligible material for the brown yard waste bin includes weeds, lawn clippings, leaves, tree branches, tea bags, coffee grounds, fruit & vegetables, and eggshells. The waste is processed at Salt Lake City’s compost facility and turned into wood chips, mulch, and compost, which is then available for purchase at the Salt Lake Valley Landfill, 6030 W. California Ave. (1300 South). Compost sells for $30 per scoop (approximately three yards per scoop).Compost and mulch are available for purchase year-round. Read more

Winter Curbside Service Announcements


1. Because Christmas and New Year’s Day are both on Sundays this year, there will be no change to our regular curbside collection schedule.

However, please take note of the six-week suspension of compost can collection from January 23-March 10, as well as our guidelines for tree disposal.

2. Holiday Tree Disposal 

Holiday trees are collected in the brown compost can through the third week of January. 

  • Please cut the tree down to fit all the way in the can.
  • If you have a very large tree, place it on the curb no later than your collection day the week of Monday,  January 16.
  • Please remove all lights and trimmings.
  • No flocked trees- the trees are taken to the composting facility and artificial materials cannot be processed.


3. Winter Yard Waste Bin Suspension 

In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment and improve air quality, Salt Lake City Waste and Recycling modifies its winter service schedule while still collecting as much valuable green waste as possible for composting.

The brown compost can will not be collected Monday, January 23 to Friday, March 10. Demand for yard waste collection is low during this period, and suspending services will result in:

  • An estimated fuel savings of 5,234 gallons
  • The elimination of 856 pounds of criteria air pollutants and over 117,600 pounds of CO2- equivalent.
  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 13 passenger vehicles from the road for an entire year.

Yard waste bin collection will start back up the week of Monday March 13, 2017.

If you have remaining autumn yard waste to dispose of, please call Waste and Recycling as soon as possible to request an extra leaves-only can so you can dispose of them before the suspension.

For more information on all of your waste and recycling services, please visit us at You can reach us at 801-535-6999 or

Thank you and happy festive season to all!