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Are you up for a challenge?


October 5-12, 2013 is Eat Local Week in Salt Lake City, and there are many events taking place to celebrate our community of local-foodists.

Eat Local Week aims to increase awareness of our foodshed, provide information and resources for eating locally, and build a community hungry for local food–making Utah a more nourishing place.

Eat Local Week also introduces the Eat Local Challenge! The Challenge is simple, eat as local as you can. The standard challenge is only eating food that comes from within a 250 mile radius. Not ready for that? Come up with a challenge that works for you! Choose a couple of food groups to get locally and stay true to them. Be creative, challenge yourself, and have fun!

You can take the Local Pledge here!

Join the conversation with other pledgers on our Facebook page “Salt Lake Eat Local”

Eat Local Week Events

Saturday, 10/5: Farm to Street Cook-off Party
Sunday, 10/6: DIY Bread and Tortilla Workshop & Stone Soup Pot
Monday, 10/7: Film Screening: “”A Changing Harvest”” & “”GMO OMG!””
Tuesday, 10/8: Quick Pickle Workshop
Wednesday, 10/9: “Is Food Diversity an Illusion?” Lecture by Phil Howard
Thursday, 10/10: Local First Utah’s Celebrate the Bounty
Friday, 10/11: Dinner in the Field
Saturday, 10/12: Farm Tour at Christiansen Farms & Farm to Glass Cocktail Gala

Get more event information on the Edible Wasatch website.

We hope you can join us to help celebrate Eat Local Week in Salt Lake City!

Eat Local Week is a collaboration between Edible Wasatch, Slow Food Utah, Wasatch Community Gardens, and the Downtown Farmers Market.

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