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Calling Small Businesses! Enroll in the wattsmart Energy Efficiency Program

Commercial buildings require a lot of energy to operate. If you’re a small business owner, electrical bills can threaten your business’ success. Indeed, lighting alone represents between 20 – 50% of the typical energy consumption of a small business.  

Improving energy efficiency is more sustainable and cost-effective. By switching to energy efficient LED light bulbs, businesses lower their energy consumption, conserve resources, reduce emissions, and save money. LED bulbs use up to 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs!

In an effort to improve energy efficiency opportunities for their customers, Rocky Mountain Power began the wattsmart Small Business Direct program to offer discounts and financing to eligible businesses that switch to LED energy efficient lighting.

Businesses can enroll from now until December 18th to benefit from Rocky Mountain Power’s program.

wattsmart Small Business Direct

The wattsmart Small Business Direct Program

Through the Small Business Direct Program, Rocky Mountain Power provides lighting system upgrades for eligible businesses. Businesses receive an energy assessment, retrofit options, and assistance with energy efficient lighting installation.

Rocky Mountain Power provides the incentive by paying for 75% of the project costs up to $4,000. Customers are responsible for the remaining balance. By improving energy efficiency, small businesses reduce their overall operating costs, increase their profitability, and shrink their carbon footprint.

Example Project from

Success Stories

Local businesses are already benefiting from the wattsmart Small Business Direct program:

Many will be familiar with Salt Lake City’s iconic restaurant, Red Iguana. Find out how they maximized their energy savings through the wattsmart Small Business Direct program:

Enroll Before December 18th:

Improving energy efficiency is better for the environment and your business. The wattsmart Small Business Direct Program incentive ends December 18th. To find out if your business is eligible call 844-712-6232 or enroll online.

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