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Salt Lake City Unveils 8 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Mayor Jackie Biskupski “unveils” the latest electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Salt Lake City, April 22, 2019.

Salt Lake City recently unveiled the latest electric vehicle (EV) public charging infrastructure.

These stations increase the total number of City-owned public EV charging ports to 38 plus 16 at the Airport, and complement an even more robust charging network available throughout the city.

The newest Level 2 EV charging ports opened last month at three separate Salt Lake City locations: Mountain Dell Golf Course, the Regional Athletic Complex, and on-street parking on 500 South, just south of The Leonardo.

“Electrifying transportation is one of the most meaningful ways we can tackle air quality problems in the Salt Lake Valley,” said Mayor Biskupski. “The City applauds the many residents and businesses investing in electric vehicles and is pleased to offer charging opportunities for these clean air champions.”

Funding for the project was provided in part by a grant from the Utah Division of Air Quality, building off the initial installation of 28 ports in 2017.

“The Division of Air Quality is pleased to partner with Salt Lake City to invest in the future of clean transportation,” said Bryce Bird, Director for the Utah Division of Air Quality. “The growing network of electric vehicle charging stations demonstrates the evolution that is occurring in the transportation sector toward zero tailpipe emissions, and the City is leading by example.”

The City has been steadily adding new locations since early 2017 and its Level 2 infrastructure has provided over 25,000 separate public charging sessions during that time.

Level 2 EV charging stations operated by the City are free to use thanks to a fee waiver approved by Mayor Biskupski and the City Council in early 2018.

Electric vehicles are a key component of clearing the air. Compared to a new gasoline car, an EV puts out 99% fewer local air pollutants.

EVs also help reduce overall carbon emissions from our transportation sector, particularly as the electric grid becomes cleaner.

Driving an electric vehicle in Utah today achieves the equivalent of 94 MPG based on our current electricity mix. Courtesy of the Union of Concerned Scientists.


Visit SLC’s parking page for charging station locations.

Run a business? Visit Leaders for Clean Air for resources and rebates for installing charging infrastructure at your location.

See the latest rebates available for the public and businesses at Live Electric.

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