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Be a Recycling Champion! Sign Up for SLC’s Master Recycler Program

Sign up for Salt Lake City’s community program, “Master Recycler,” and learn the ins and outs of what to recycle and why it’s important. Apply by March 18! For more info, visit

Become a champion for reducing, reusing, and recycling in our community!

Are you interested in the ever-changing landscape of recycling?

Do you want to learn why composting is an integral part of waste diversion?

Or learn how to effectively promote recycling practices within your community?

Salt Lake City Green is excited to announce the spring 2019 Salt Lake City Master Recycler program! Register now at

Applications will be accepted through March 18 (unless we fill up sooner).

This FREE program provides in-depth education about recycling, composting, and solid waste management for Salt Lake City community members and professional sustainability practitioners.

The Master Recycler program gives participants a behind-the-scenes look at Salt Lake City’s waste management system from bin to the recycling plant.

Participants are required to attend two “core” classes, Waste and Materials Management I and II, which include tours of the Salt Lake Valley Landfill and a local recycling facility.

After finishing these two classes, participants choose a minimum of two additional electives (however, they can take as many electives as desired!) from a variety of options, like Global Perspectives on Waste; Compost 101; Implementing a Recycling Program; Commercial Waste Reduction; and Living a Zero-Waste Lifestyle.

Check out the complete Master Recycler class schedule!

The course begins April 5.

In addition to attending the workshops, each Master Recycler is required to volunteer 8 hours to complete their certification. After certification, Salt Lake City Master Recyclers join an elite network of champions who are trained in waste reduction strategies and are able to assist with outreach and engagement in the Salt Lake City community.

SLCgreen’s mission in designing and offering the Master Recycler Program is “to create a network of champions who are trained in waste reduction strategies and are able to assist with outreach and engagement in the Salt Lake City community.”


  • Recognition as a certified Master Recycler in Salt Lake City.
  • A tote bag full of Master Recycler swag, including a t-shirt and stainless steel water bottle.
  • The knowledge to help yourself, friends, neighbors, and kids maximize recycling and reduce our overall impact on the environment.
  • An invitation to the Annual Master Recycler Social.
  • Access to our growing Master Recycler network of experts.

The program is free of charge and all community members are invited to apply.

Applications will be accepted through March 18, so get yours in! This is a popular program that usually sells out.

Last year’s Master Recycler Social — zero waste of course!
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  1. Ryan M #

    This looks pretty awesome

    March 8, 2019

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