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Consider Creating an Emergency Air Quality Implementation Plan

Are you prepared

Be prepared for poor air quality in Salt Lake City, create an Action Plan!

Breathe Utah has a great Emergency Air Quality Implementation Plan toolkit to help you create your own action plan for bad air days.  Enacting a plan can help reduce the number of red air days and improve our community’s health.  Utahns are known for emergency preparedness, so why not have an emergency air quality plan in place?

  • Know in advance when the air quality will be unhealthy;
  • Plan how to avoid or reduce driving on those days to lessen the health impacts of air pollution on our community;
    • Take public transit, carpool, telecommute, trip-chain, walk or bike!
  • Test the plan in advance to work out any problems before the red or yellow air days are upon us;
  • Share with others that you have made this plan to inspire them to create their own; and,
  • Finally, act on your plan, because now you will have a plan in place and will know exactly what to do when the air quality deteriorates.

Thanks Breathe Utah!  Visit their website for more details.

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