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Sustainable Salt Lake — Plan 2015

Over the last five years, Salt Lake City’s pursuit of success in sustainability, social justice, and neighborhood
and downtown vitality has helped shape the collective vision for how we live, work, recreate and
grow in Salt Lake City.

The Sustainable Salt Lake – Plan 2015 reflects a broad and ambitious agenda to protect our resources, enhance our assets, and establish a path toward greater resiliency and vitality for every aspect of our community.

The plan is an extension of Salt Lake Mayor Ralph Becker’s visionary Livability Agenda. The agenda was crafted to guide policies during Mayor Becker’s second term.

Learn more about how sustainability is an important part of the future of Salt Lake City.

Explore the Sustainable Salt Lake — Plan 2015.

Sustainable Salt Lake -- Plan 2015

Let us know what you think about Salt Lake City’s plans to increase the long term sustainability of our community.

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