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Recycle Snapshot: Styrofoam


Blue Bin

Interested in:
Chinese take-out

Shipping, boxes, cold beverages

I’m originally from Polysterene, but I’ve basically made my way around the entire world by now.

I can be super useful for everything, but then again, you’ll find it hard to get rid of me when you’ve had enough.

If you pitch me to the landfill, I can sit there and throw a fuss for over one million years (seriously!) But if you live in Salt Lake City, throw me in your curbside blue bin and I just might grow up to be some shiny, new plastic container.

Or better yet, a picture frame!

#WhyWasteIt? Glass Finds New Life

So you’ve seen how the glass is collected in Salt Lake City, and you’ve taken a trip through the clean glass facility.

Now take a look at the variety of “end markets” where our recycled glass finds new life!

Owen’s Corning – Nephi, Utah

atticinstallationFiberglass insulation has become a major end market for recycled glass cullet. Fiberglass insulation utilizes clear and green colored glass for manufacturing due to its low iron content. Owen’s Corning has recently opened a new plant in Nephi, Utah and is accepting the majority of the clear and green glass that is processed onsite at Momentum Recycling.

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#WhyWasteIt? An inside look at the recycling process

Guest blog from Katie McKeon of Momentum Recycling

In response to increasing community demand for better glass recycling options, Momentum Recycling built a state-of-the-art glass recycling plant in Salt Lake City in 2012.

Here’s an inside look at the glass recycling process!

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#WhyWasteIt? The Logistics of Glass Collection

Here’s the scoop on the logistics of curbside glass collection. For program details, including information on how to sign up, check out “The Basics of Curbside Glass.”

Guest blog by Katie McKeon of Momentum Recycling.

The curbside glass recycling is a once per month collection that does not occur on your standard garbage day.

We have divided up the City into 20 different service zones, each having their own glass pick up date. Check out the map below to find your neighborhood glass pick up date. Read more

#WhyWasteIt? Glass Recycling in SLC


Glass has a checkered past in Salt Lake City. It has been only recently that the City, through a close partnership with Momentum Recycling, has offered a voluntary curbside recycling service to residents.

One of the most common questions we are asked is “Why can’t I recycle my glass in the blue bin?” Many cities throughout the country offer glass recycling in the mixed recycling bin.

So why not Salt Lake City? Read more