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Drink Local: Reduce Your Water Footprint

By drinking local water, you can reduce your water footprint and your carbon footprint.  Bottled water has several negative impacts on the environment.  Bottle production, distribution, packaging, and transportation contribute to unnecessary water and carbon footprints.  Additionally, most plastic water bottles are not recycled, contributing to the waste stream and often ending up as litter and ocean pollution.  Drinking water in the US is well tested and safe to drink.  Drink local and avoid bottled water!

Check out this Bottled Water Footprint infographic by Wheels for Wishes to learn more:

Reduce Your Water Footprint by Wheels For Wishes

Salt Lake City Once Again Offers Special “Leaves Only” Cans

Leaves only can 2015

(Reposted for 2015 fall season).

It’s that time of year! Autumn is upon us, and leaves are starting to fall in Salt Lake City.

Remember that you’re curbside compost (brown) can is the perfect place to dispose of your leaves on a weekly basis. If you have extra leaves, consider these options:

  • Try composting leaves in your own yard, in a compost can, or by mulching them into your flower beds or gardens.
  • Rather than a chore to be conquered all at once, rake enough leaves each week just to fill the can.
  • Temporarily store extra leaves in your yard, in a pile, or in a large sturdy container and feed them into your compost can each week.

If the leaves are piling up faster than you can handle, extra “leaves only” cans are available to Salt Lake City residents free of charge.

  • Cans are available first come, first served.
  • There is no charge for a “leaves only” can.
  • Cans are collected weekly, on the same day as garbage collection day.
  • When you are done, call (801) 535-6999 so another resident can use it.
  • All “leaves only” cans will be retrieved in early January.

Order your “leaves only” can by calling (801) 535-6999 or emailing Please include your name, address and phone number in your request.

More information is available at

Happy autumn!

Master Recycler Fall Session

By Josh Lipman, SLCgreen Intern

After the first successful round of training members of our community to be experts in recycling, SLCgreen and the Department of Sanitation are opening up applications for the second round of the Master Recycler training program.

Participants in the Master Recycler program take a hands on approach to learning about sustainable waste management in Salt Lake City by studying and experiencing the most up to date recycling techniques through classroom sessions and visits to the different waste management and recycling facilities in our city. Master Recyclers then can educate and engage the community, creating a network of environmentally consciousness Salt Lake City residents.

The fall Master Recycler class runs eight Thursdays from September 3rd to October 22nd. Applications are rolling and through August 28th (dates subject to change), and the class is free of charge. All community members are encouraged to register and come learn about these key systems in the city by emailing John Boulanger at

Salt Lake Master Recycler Fall Flyer

E-Waste Collection Events

Salt Lake City is having a series of free e-waste collection events this summer.  Bring things like old computers, mobile phones and televisions.  Pharmaceutical waste will also be collected.

The next collection event is this Saturday, June 20th at Smith’s, 1174 W 600 N from 8:00am to noon.

Additional Saturday collection events:

  • July 18th, 876 E 800 S
  • August 15th, 455 S 500 E

For more e-waste information, visit our Electronics Recycling webpage.


Salt Lake County is also hosting free collection events for e-waste and other household hazardous waste on Thursdays throughout the summer.  See flyer below for details.


Earth Day, Every Day!


Here are some #EarthDayEveryDay tips for Earth week!

Monday– Meatless Mondays!

Tuesday– Transportation Tuesdays

Wednesday– Wildlife Wednesdays

Thursday– Green Thumb Thursdays

  • Tend to your garden today. Or start a garden! Spring is the perfect time to plant in Salt Lake City!
  • Need gardening space? Consider community gardening! 

Friday– Idle Free Fridays

Saturday– Crafty Saturday- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

  • Go to a yard sale, host a clothing swap, find a new use for something you were going to throw away, buy a used item instead of a new item!
  • Crafty Saturday upcycle ideas! 

Sunday– Solar SUNdays

  • Try to abstain from using one thing that depends on fossil fuels today (like your car or heater)!
  • Learn something new about solar power today:

“Obama touts solar initiative” 

“The world is now adding more capacity for renewable power each year than coal, natural gas, and oil combined.” 

Vancouver commits to 100% renewable energy use! 

On the cost of renewable energy. 

Happy Earth Day from SLCgreen!  #EarthDayEveryDay

Donate an Unwanted Vehicle


Looking for a good cause to donate your unwanted car or truck (or motorcycle, SUV, RV, or even boat!)? Wheels for Wishes is a donation program benefiting Make-A-Wish® Utah. Turn your donated vehicle into a wish for a local child. Vehicles will be picked up free of charge, anywhere in Utah, running or not!

Vehicles are either recycled or auctioned off, and 100% of the net proceeds benefit Make-A-Wish Utah. Since Wheels for Wishes is a tax-exempt charity, donors also receive the maximum possible tax deduction for their vehicle donation.

Visit or Make-A-Wish Utah for more information.

Five Quick Tips for a Greener Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, delicious food and great company. Unfortunately this most American of holidays can generate a lot of waste: food waste, disposable plates, plastic utensils and cups, and wasted energy.

Here are five quick tips to reduce waste and focus on the things that matter.

1. An Organic Bird: When it comes to buying the holiday turkey, we recommend buying an organic bird. Look for labels saying, “USDA certified organic” or “No Antibiotics Administered” with a “USDA Process Verified” seal. e2 Business Liberty Heights Fresh offers some great options.

2. Local Sides: Swing by the Winter Farmers Market this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Rio Grande Depot to pick up local greens, squash, root vegetables, etc. Also, think about minimizing your use of meat in recipes — vegetarian dishes have a lower carbon footprint. For recipe suggestions, visit our Green Thanksgiving Pinterest board.

3. Durable Tableware: We understand the temptation, but please resist the urge to purchase single-use table settings. After their one use, they go right to the landfill where they take years to degrade (if they ever!) If you’re hosting, ask your guests to pitch in to help wash dishes. If you’re headed to a celebration away from your home, pack up some silverware, plates, and cups (or a water bottle) and bring them along. The extra ten seconds it takes to pack up your own dishes saves landfill space and energy.

4. Creative Leftovers: Thanksgiving dinner is wonderful, but we all know that there is plenty of food left over after the big meal. If you’re planning to take some leftovers home with you, bring along a few empty glass food containers from home, which will eliminate the need for disposable containers. You can also minimize food waste by turning your turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and other foodstuff into innovative leftover recipes. Dispose of spoiled fruits and vegetables food in a compost bin.

5. Compost and Recycle: For those hosting Thanksgiving meals, be sure to clearly mark bins for recycling and composting. This will eliminate the build-up of trash in your home and will keep unnecessary waste out of the landfill.

For more information, visit these websites: