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Become an Entrepreneur: Join the 2015 Startup Incubator

Startup Incubator Poster


Step 1: Complete The Application.
Step 2:  Fill out a MOKR document, and email it to: 
What is a MOKR document you ask?  Get directions and see an example.

The next cohort starts June 2015


  • 12 week cohort style program. Through weekly morning meetings, participants learn the Lean Startup framework and receive mentorship from their peers.
  • Program utilizes Steven Blank’s “How to Build a Startup” course.
  • Participants learn the MOKR and Management Report structure based on Quatere’s Foundry program. This reporting and management system increases efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.
  • Participants learn to incorporate triple bottom-line values into their business models, and build startups that have real, lasting impact on their communities.


  • Anyone from any background is welcome to apply. You don’t need a business degree, loads of experience, or fancy software skills to be a great entrepreneur. All you need is an idea, coachability, drive and a willingness to get out of your element and ask the right questions.
  • For-profit, non-profit and hybrid concepts are all welcome to apply. We give no preference to industry, take no equity and give no funding. Our incubator is about supporting and educating driven people wanting to change the world through entrepreneurship.
  • Our incubator focuses on proving concepts and validating business models. Participants are welcome to work on multiple concepts simultaneously and iterate as they learn throughout the program.


  • Salt Lake needs more entrepreneurs working to solve substantive community problems. Create the change you want to see.
  • Learn the lean startup framework, and prove your concept with minimal resources and budget.
  • Become more effective in your work, learn how to prioritize and get things done.
  • Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Join a network of fellow entrepreneurs, get support, and become more accountable to yourself and others.

e2 Business Best Practice Lunch Series Returns, Tackles Core Values


Today marked the first Salt Lake City e2 Business Best Practice lunch, hosted by Sustainable Startups and catered by Bud’s. The topic of discussion was incorporating new core values into existing business frameworks, and the group heard from eBay, USANA and Larry H. Miller Group about their sustainability initiatives, successes and missteps.


Ken Vance with eBay shared how they have used the core value of reuse to drive innovation, including building the country’s first LEED certified data center, and integrate with other businesses and nonprofits, Patagonia’s Common Threads program among them, to forward that goal.

Jeff Robertson with USANA shared how the company has been shifting from a traditional sales model to a more modern one based on the value of health promotion and better health outcomes. He shared that they have found most success with the “light and often” approach to talking about heavier issues like climate change and air quality.

Robert Bell with Larry H. Miller Group shared how their efforts to clearly define their core values has laid the groundwork for further sustainability initiatives in their growing company.

Ian_SustainableStartupsThanks to Sustainable Startups for hosting us at your new location! Learn more about how Sustainable Startups is helping incubate new businesses in Salt Lake City.

CoffeeThe e2 Business program is a free program offered to Salt Lake City’s businesses. Participating businesses receive expert consultation and guidance in incorporating sustainable business practices that will save money and reduce their impact on the environment. The Best Practice Lunch Series takes place March-August and features in-depth discussions on a variety of topics pertinent to today’s business community.