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Announcement: SLCgreen Seeking Policy Analyst Intern


Salt Lake City’s Sustainability Department is seeking an intern for the Waste and Recycling Division to assist with a comprehensive analysis of its bulk waste collection program that leads to a policy recommendation. This position is available for 500 hours at a rate of $15 per hour. Work hours are flexible.

This position is an ideal opportunity for a student or graduate in public policy or administration or a related field to be involved in a project that encompasses sustainability, public policy, regulation, municipal operations, budgeting and planning, and public engagement processes. The person in this position will work closely with budget, administrative, policy, and operational staff and will have exposure to various City offices and functions that may lead to other employment opportunities.

Scope of Work

The City has ambitious waste reduction and recycling goals and hopes to achieve zero-waste by 2040. The City is seeking innovative and creative ideas for improving the program that result in more recycling and materials recovery while also making the program more cost-effective and convenient.

This position will work closely with the Waste and Recycling Division Director and operations staff to develop a comprehensive proposal for an alternative program and be responsible for:

  • Collecting operational and cost data on bulk waste collection used by municipalities around the country;
  • evaluating those methods for convenience, cost, and materials recovery;
  • preparing scenarios for alternative methods that meet the City’s goals;
  • outlining potential implementation plans; and
  • recommending public outreach and education strategies.


The City is looking for someone who is excited to dig deep into topics, likes to distill research into actionable ideas, and can make a persuasive case for change that is backed up with qualitative and quantitative data. This position requires someone who is highly self-motivated, curious, and is able to work independently as well as on a team. This position will have great latitude to shape the final product and be involved with presenting information to policy makers and the public.

Specific skills are: 

  • Knowledge of statistical methods
  • Proficiency in Excel or other data analytics tools
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Familiarity with writing proposals


Lorna Vogt, Waste and Recycling Division Director

Email inquiries only

Community Food Assessment

Community Garden Bed

How does the availability of wholesome and affordable food impact the health of our community? This is the question that Salt Lake City Green and the Mayor’s Food Policy Task Force took on when they began the Community Food Assessment.

The food assessment provides a basis for developing strategies to support local food enterprises, foster rural/urban food links (farm to plate) and expanding access to healthy and nutritious food.

“Gaining a firm understanding of Salt Lake City’s current food system is necessary to assist Salt Lake City and it’s Food Policy Task Force in creating strategic planning, policy and action steps to strengthen local urban agriculture,” states an excerpt from the report.

Food Snapshot Highlights:

  • From 1997 to 2007, Utah Certified Organic operations increased from 3 to 48.
  • Salt Lake City is home to more than 22 community, school and neighborhood gardens, providing fresh, healthy food for hundreds of residents.
  • Salt Lake City is home to eight farmers markets, providing a direct link between residents and the people growing their food, and providing more convenient, fresh, local food while growing our local food economy.
  • Approximately 20% of Salt Lake City’s residential waste is food scraps.

Stayed tuned for more in depth coverage of key findings from the report, including next steps.

In the meantime, read the draft report.