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Salt Lake City Passes Electrified Transportation Joint Resolution

January 13, 2021

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Salt Lake City Passes Joint Resolution Establishing Electrified Transportation Goals

Salt Lake City’s new Electrified Transportation Resolution, a joint resolution between Mayor Erin Mendenhall and the City Council, establishes a joint commitment to incorporate and promote clean energy transportation technology as an important solution in reducing carbon emissions and pollutants that impact air quality. 

The resolution includes goals of electrifying modes of transportation that have historically relied on gasoline, diesel or natural gas. Through the resolution, the City commits to expanding electric vehicles for its internal fleet and to working with external partners to electrify public transit and smart mobility platforms such as rideshare and car share. Through expansion of electric vehicle infrastructure, the City aims to encourage greater adoption of electric vehicle technology by the public and non-government fleets.

“As our city continues its push toward better air quality and environmental resilience, distilling our goals for electric transportation and committing to shifting our fleet is the right move,” Mayor Mendenhall said. 

“This is another solid step toward the City’s ongoing commitment to use cleaner energy and reduce pollution,” said City Council Chair Amy Fowler. “Both government and private industry must continue to take every action possible to enable clean fuel usage.”

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Salt Lake City Publishes GPS Online


Salt Lake City Green and it’s parent, the Salt Lake City Public Services Department, are taking another important step towards increased city transparency by publishing fleet GPS data online.

Sanitation Services (Waste, Recycling and Yard Waste Haulers)

Salt Lake City uses GPS technology to track the location and activity of its Sanitation Fleet. There are a total of 33 fleet vehicles, with up to 26 running routes on any given day. 19 fleet vehicles run on compressed natural gas (CNG), with an additional 14 that use diesel fuel.

Check out the real-time map.

Where are those snow plows?

Salt Lake City also uses GPS technology to track the location and activity of its Snow Fleet. There are a total of 45 plows available during major storms. During an active storm, you can view real-time map to locate and track plows in your area.

GPS Map Key

  • GPS information updates every two minutes.
  • Color coded system indicates activity level:
    • Green – Moving
    • Yellow – Stopped for less than an hour
    • Red – Stopped for more than an hour
    • Blue – Idling *

* Salt Lake City has an strict internal idling policy, in addition to the Idle Free Ordinance. There are a few situations where Sanitation vehicles need to idle. For example, in areas with limited space where bins must be brought to a stationary vehicle for service (like a cul-de-sac).