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Dining with Discretion: Food Choices Matter

Last week, SLCgreen’s Bridget Stuchly and Tyler Poulson unveiled a compelling presentation at the Intermountain Sustainability Summit to a packed house. Dining with Discretion: Food Choices Matter outlines how personal choices about what and how we eat impact our environment and can either contribute to, or help alleviate, climate change.

The Presentation

If you missed it, you can scroll through their presentation slides.

Dining with Discretion from SLCgreen

Take Action!

Long story short, there are some very real steps you can take in your everyday eating habits that will have a positive impact on the environment:

  • Eat less meat & dairy
  • Eat more plants
  • Cook smart
  • Waste less
  • Speak out



Source: Meat Eaters Guide to Climate Change + Health

Source: Meat Eaters Guide to Climate Change + HealthSource: Meat Eaters Guide to Climate Change + Health