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This is What the Future Looks Like

Project Open’s All-Electric Apartments Set the Stage for Eco-Friendly Affordable Living


Outside Project Open2

by Ryan Anderson, SLCgreen intern

If you’ve been to Salt Lake City in the winter, you know that our air quality leaves room for improvement. Our air pollution has already been found to have severe health impacts, and it’s crucial that we act now before the problem worsens.

Winters are plagued by inversions and in the summer we have a growing problem with ozone.

Both of these problems are directly tied to the emissions we put into the air. While transportation is the largest source, our homes and buildings are a close second and are projected to become the top polluter in the coming years.

With Utah’s population expected to double in the latter half of this century and a growth rate three times the national average, reducing emissions and improving our air quality has become even more pressing.

A key step in securing a healthier future for our community is to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas in residential and commercial buildings, plus the transportation sector.

Luckily, there are solutions. If we design and build our structures smarter, we can reduce much of the pollution that comes from our buildings. And if these structures also incorporate green transportation features, we can significantly move the needle on both air pollution and our community carbon footprint.

That’s why we’re excited to feature a forward-thinking new housing complex that is innovating on all of these fronts.

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Enterprise CarShare Offering Free Parking in Downtown Salt Lake City


Enterprise CarShare – served by the local Enterprise Rent-A-Car network – is now offering free downtown parking to members who rent a hybrid vehicle, all in partnership with the city government. The free metered parking is part of a new green vehicle initiative in Salt Lake City.

Vehicles that achieve a minimum fuel economy or air pollution score are designated as “green vehicles” and therefore eligible for a special permit allowing up to two free hours of parking. “By making the most of alternative forms of transportation like car sharing, as well as by promoting the use of hybrids, we can help Salt Lake City residents get around more sustainably,” said Neil Hafer, vice president and general manager for Enterprise in Utah.

When Enterprise’s car-sharing program launched in Salt Lake City late 2013, the area became the seventh major U.S. market to offer Enterprise CarShare. The Utah Transit Authority (UTA), Salt Lake City, the University of Utah and Utah Valley University are partners with Enterprise in providing affordable car-sharing services to Salt Lake City and Wasatch Front residents and local businesses. Also supporting this car-sharing initiative is the Utah Department of Transportation’s “TravelWise” program, which incorporates a set of strategies that encourage individuals, businesses and organizations to use alternatives to driving alone and thereby reduce energy consumption, optimize mobility and improve air quality in Utah.

Today, Enterprise CarShare is available in more than 35 U.S. states, Canada and the U.K., on more than 80 university campuses and on 40 government and business campuses. Putting vehicles right where people live and work, and making them available around the clock for hourly, daily and overnight rentals, makes Enterprise CarShare a cost-effective, hassle-free supplement to public transit.

Enterprise CarShare Comes to SLC

enterprisecarshareWe have good news for Salt Lake City residents looking for a way to leave their car at home, or eliminate the need for a second car altogether.

Enterprise CarShare has landed in Salt Lake City!

The network of cars that can be rented by the hour includes 30 vehicles (trucks, sedans and SUVs) located in strategic places along the Wasatch Front, from Provo to downtown Salt Lake City.

By putting vehicles right where people live and work, and by making them available around the clock for hourly, daily and overnight rentals, Enterprise CarShare is a cost-effective, hassle-free supplement to public transit.

Now here’s the great news. As a special introductory offer, it is free to join the program until January 31, 2014! Plus you can enjoy discounted hourly rates at $5 an hour for economy and midsize cars, and $7 an hour for standard cars, SUVs and trucks. And yes, the rates include gas and insurance fees. Read more