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Should businesses & apartments be required to recycle in SLC?


The Salt Lake City Council is currently accepting comments on the proposed Business & Multi-Family Recycling Ordinance on Open City Hall. 

Do you think businesses and apartments should be required to recycle? Comment today!

A proposal that would increase recycling requirements is coming before the City Council for review and approval. Although the topic has appeared on Open City Hall before, the Council may consider some changes and would like to know what you think of the proposal.

The Council supports diverting as much waste from the landfill as possible, and commercial and multi-family buildings generate a significant amount of waste that is needlessly thrown out when it could be recycled.  Currently, the City provides recycling service automatically to single family and duplex residences.  However, over the years, the Council has received many requests from residents of multi-unit buildings and business employees for recycling services, too.

For people who live in multi-unit condo or apartment complexes, recycling service is harder to come by. The same goes for businesses – although businesses and apartment owners can contract for recycling collection, there is currently no requirement for them to participate.

An update to City law would change that, making it mandatory for businesses, apartment complex owners, and condominium home owners associations to provide recycling service – with some exceptions.

For more information on the proposed changes, and how they would be phased in, read the Council Staff  report here, and Mayor’s original proposal here. 

e2 Business Yearbook: 2014

Did you know that Salt Lake City maintains a network of local businesses committed to reducing their environmental impact? These green businesses belong to the e2 Business Program, a 100+ list of SLC businesses that are taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and seeing a positive return on their balance sheets.

The e2 program recently hosted their annual Members Night with Mayor Ralph Becker at Wasatch Brew Pub in Sugar House. At that event, they unveiled the 2014 e2 Business Yearbook, highlighting a year of standout initiatives and fantastic networking by SLC’s top businesses.

Check out the new e2 Business Yearbook for the full scoop!

e2 Yearbook 2014_Cover_Page_01