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A Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a difficult holiday for those practicing vegetarianism or veganism- with food being such a focal point and the main dish often being meat based. While there are other ways to contribute towards a sustainable lifestyle, how we eat is a major player in our individual carbon footprints. In Utah, these choices contribute to nearly 25% of our  household carbon footprint. Learn more about Dining with Discretion and the importance of understanding the intricacy of our food systems!

A vegetarian Thanksgiving can be easy, there are vegetarian/vegan roasts you can get at the store, but there’s something about creating a flavorful dish to share with your guests that took preparation and dedication. We wanted to make this holiday a little easier for our vegetarian and vegan friends this year so we made a menu, just for you!


Stuffed Mushrooms

Kale and White Bean Artichoke Dip*

Candied Spiced Nuts

Pastry Wrapped Cranberry Brie

Main dish:

Vegetarian Mushroom Wellington *(can be made vegan)

Stuffed Acorn Squash


Roasted Balsamic Brussel Sprouts*

Buttery Herb Mashed Potatoes

Hasselback Butternut Squash with Sage Butter and Breadcrumbs (the recipe includes prosciutto, however this is not necessary for the actual recipe and can be enjoyed vegetarian or vegan!)

Three Sisters Bowl with Hominy, Beans, and Squash


Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake

Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls

Chocolate Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Wreath

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