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Utah Climate Week is Coming Up!

We are a week away from the Sixth Annual Utah Climate Week (September 25th through October 1st)! Check out the list of events compiled by the Utah Climate Action Network (a project of Utah Clean Energy) and mark your calendar to get involved. 

The goal of Utah Climate Week is to provide opportunities for YOU to connect with broader communities about climate action and the great work that is happening in Utah across a range of sectors to #ActOnClimate 

This year has seen a lot of press surrounding the impacts of climate change on Utah, covering everything from the impacts of a shrinking Great Salt Lake, to our hotter summers and how that affects local food.  

Learn and engage with leaders from local governments, non-profits, faith-based organizations, businesses, and individuals, see below for a list of events!  

Calendar of Utah Climate Week events.

It’s not too late to organize your own event! Big or small, Utah Climate Week is open to everyone. Get in touch with Utah Clean Energy to request an event be posted to the website

Salt Lake City is also bringing back a second Mayor’s Bike to Work day on September 28th! Biking for your commute is an incredible way to decrease your individual emissions and improve your health.

Looking to get a head start on your climate week? 

Join Bill Barron for the last leg of his 650 mile ride to call attention to climate change and the need for bipartisan solutions. He’ll finish his tour of the state on September 17 with a ride up Little Cottonwood Canyon, culminating with speakers and refreshments at Alta. Speakers include Salt Lake City Public Utilities’ Director, Laura Briefer and SLCgreen’s own Deputy Director Sophia Nicholas! 

What is Salt Lake City doing to fight climate change? 

This summer, Salt Lake City launched a new program, Solar Salt Lake, with intention of incentivizing and assisting Salt Lake City residents to sign up for rooftop solar. The program is designed to guide interested participants through the process, while also offering a bulk discount on panels through the program’s preferred installer, Gardener Energy. While this program is no longer accepting applicants, the outpouring of interest and support has been overwhelming and we look forward to creating more opportunities. 

Additionally, Salt Lake City is a leading participant of the Community Renewable Energy Program as part of Utah 100 Communities. This program is intended to bring Salt Lake City’s energy grid to net-100% renewable electricity along with 17 other participating communities. There are still a lot of hurdles to overcome in the next couple of years before this project is fully launched. But, depending on how many individual customers decide to participate, it’s reasonable to expect that the Community Renewable Energy program could double the amount of utility-scale solar in Utah by 2030! 

Salt Lake City has spent the last decade pursuing innovative methods to combat climate change including building a one-megawatt solar farm on a former landfill and installing 488 kilowatts of solar capacity on city buildings, supplying 14% of municipal needs.

Read more about what Salt Lake City is doing to #ActOnClimate.

We look forward to connecting with you during Utah Climate Week this year! 

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