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Salt Lake City Welcomes the Solar Power International Conference

Salt Lake City is excited to host the Solar Power International (SPI) Conference this week, running from September 23-26th. The conference focuses on all things clean energy, bringing together companies and professionals involved in the industry to engage with each other about solar energy and its development.  

The SPI Conference was first hosted in 2004, and has since grown alongside the growing solar industry. The conference provides a time and place for those involved in the progression of solar energy, energy efficiency, and energy storage to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and create connections within the industry.  

Mayor Biskupski will be participating in the conference, discussing the state of solar in our city and our ambitious carbon plan, Climate Positive SLC.

Other SLCgreen staff will be participating on panel discussions and attending the series of events.

Solar SLC + Solar Utah

Hosting the conference is a milestone for our state and city.

As the biggest trade show of its kind, we’re honored that Salt Lake City was chosen as the host community. It makes sense in many ways. Our state and city have seen explosive growth in solar and renewable energy over the last several years.

Just recently a new report came out, reaffirming that Utah ranks within the top 10 states in the nation for solar.   

Solar power is also foundational to achieving our renewable energy goals. The Climate Positive SLC plan lays out a goal of powering 100% of the community’s net electricity needs with renewable energy by 2030. 

This will be achieved through new utility-scale renewable projects as well as continuing to put solar on city buildings. For example, did you know that Salt Lake’s Public Safety Building is the first net-zero public safety building in the US? It’s powered by a solar water heating system, a solar canopy covering the plaza outside the building, and offsite solar panels. The city’s first and second net-zero fire stations opened in 2018. The two net-zero fire stations are powered by more than 300 solar panels each!

Salt Lake City isn’t alone. Earlier this year the Utah Legislature passed the Community Renewable Energy Act. The act allows Utah communities seeking net-100% renewable energy to put programs into place that will help achieve their goals.

The growth of solar and renewable energy is only continuing!

solar panels on SLC building

Fast Facts about Utah Solar

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, in 2019:

  • Utah ranks 10th in the nation in solar power!
  • Utah has installed 1,660.96 MW of solar, which is enough to power over 300,000 homes.
  • Local retailers such as IKEA, Patagonia, and Uintah Brewing Company have installed solar.
  • The Utah Red Hills Renewable Energy Park in southern Utah can generate 104 MW, enough to power over 20,000 homes and is partnered with Rocky Mountain Power.

The Future of Solar

The SPI Conference demonstrates the significance of solar as an industry and energy source. With solar professionals from all sides of the industry gathering in Salt Lake City this week, it is clear that solar will continue to grow as an energy source for Salt Lake City and around the world.

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