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An Inside Look at Glass Recycling at the “Party at the Plant” on June 27

Glass is one of the best materials to recycle. Not only does glass recycling help stimulate the local economy, glass can be recycled endlessly. Indeed, 80% of recovered glass is recycled into new glass bottles. The rest is turned into industrial materials. Momentum Recycling, Utah’s glass-only recycling facility, provides a critical service to our communities by taking care of our glass and moving Utah closer to zero waste.

A Look at the Recycling Process

SLCgreen interns recently had the opportunity to tour Momentum Recycling and learn more about the glass recycling process.

Momentum Recycling takes glass from all over northern Utah and even as far away as Jackson Hole, WY. Once the glass reaches the plant, it goes through two initial sorting processes. First, Momentum Recycling removes contaminates, including ceramics, Pyrex, aluminum, light bulbs, cardboard, window frames, and mirrors. The remaining glass is then sorted into brown and non-brown glass that is broken, heat cleaned, and pulverized into different sizes.

Once the glass is transformed into the final recycling by-product, glass cullet, it travels to manufacturers of many different products. For example, in Nephi, UT, Momentum’s glass cullet becomes fiberglass insulation. The cullet can also be used for concrete and asphalt, countertops, and new bottles.

Why Recycling Glass Matters

Glass recycling is beneficial in more ways than one. When compared to the alternative — glass going to a landfill — recycling employs 8-10 people instead of 1. Additionally, glass recycling cuts down on waste collection, disposal, and sanitation costs.

Glass recycling is also more environmentally sustainable than using new materials. Indeed, glass cullet uses 40% less energy than making new glass. Moreover, recycling glass cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions and reduces the need for new raw materials.

Making Glass Recycling Easy: Momentum Launches Recycling App

Momentum Recycling provides curbside glass recycling for only $7/month for Salt Lake City residents, making it easy for you to recycle at home. Additionally, there are over 25 free glass recycling drop-off locations in the greater Salt Lake area.

To help you make the most of your glass recycling service, Momentum has recently launched a new mobile app that features:

  • Curbside pick up reminders
  • Updates about curbside scheduling
  • Information about special collection events
  • The Waste Wizard to help you with all your recycling questions.

You can download the app from the App Store and Google Play.

Raise a Glass to Glass Recycling at Momentum’s Party at the Plant

If you are as fascinated by glass recycling as we are, then you’re in luck. On Thursday, June 27, Momentum Glass and SLC Green Drinks is hosting the First Annual Party at the Plant.

(As with all Green Drinks events, this is a 21+ event.)

You’ll learn more about glass recycling in Salt Lake City, plus enjoy food and drinks from SLC Green Drinks, Red Iguana, and other local businesses while you talk to different organizations who will be there- including SLCgreen!

The Party at the Plant will also have fun prizes for attendees including Snowbird tickets, giftcards to Publik Coffee, High West Distillery, Pago, The King’s English, Riverhorse on Main, and other fantastic SLC businesses.

The Party at the Plant will be held at Momentum Recycling’s facility:

658 S 4050 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Thursday June 27, 6:00pm-9:00pm

RSVP on Momentum’s Facebook Event. There is a $5-10 suggested donation. Please remember, it is a 21+ event.

We hope to see you there!

… and keep on recycling your glass!

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