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Interested in Joining a New Community Garden?

Growing fresh greens at the Gateway Community Garden, which opened in 2018.

Community gardens provide Salt Lake City with fresh, locally grown food and a vibrant space to connect with our neighbors. Salt Lake City’s community gardens are popular locations for everything from volunteering to learning about urban farming. Indeed, in conjunction with Wasatch Community Gardens (WCG), Salt Lake City has successfully developed seven community gardens in almost every corner of the city through our Green City Growers program.

These gardens include the Off Broadway Community Garden, Liberty Wells, Rose Park, Cannon Greens, 9-Line, Popperton Plots, and the Gateway Garden. Not only do these gardens support Salt Lake City’s dedication to increase local food production, they invigorate our neighborhoods by putting vacant lots to use in ways that support community engagement and biodiversity — all while limiting our communities’ carbon footprints.

Salt Lake City’s community gardens activate our neighborhoods, giving residents a space to engage with friends and neighbors and to grow fresh produce. And we just can’t get enough of them!

In order to continue to make community gardens accessible and ensure that locally grown food stays a priority, both Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County have proposed new community gardens to be built in 2020.

But the City, County, and WCG can’t do it alone. We need a strong show of support from nearby residents, indicating that the gardens will receive enough use.

Salt Lake City is working with WCG to establish Richmond Park Community Garden. Similarly, Salt Lake County and WCG are collaborating on a new garden in Sugar House Park. You can read more about the gardens below. If you would be interested in gardening at either of these parks, sign the petitions below to show your support.

Richmond Park

Salt Lake City highlighted Richmond Park for a potential garden. The park, which already has a fantastic playground, is nestled between 500 and 400 East along 600 South in downtown Salt Lake City.

The proposed community garden will be ADA accessible and plots will run between $20-40 per year (as determined by WCG). Like all of the Salt Lake City Community Gardens, Salt Lake City will provide the garden plot with access to water. From there, Wasatch Community Gardens will coordinate with gardeners to ensure the plots are well cared for.

If you would like to support the proposed Richmond Park garden, fill out the petition here.

Richmond Park

Sugar House Park

Sugar House Park is a community treasure. It’s owned by Salt Lake City and managed by Salt Lake County.

It’s also the potential site of Salt Lake County’s newest community garden to support the growth of more sustainably sourced food in the Greater Salt Lake area.

The proposed Sugar House Community Garden will also be ADA accessible.

If you would like to support the Sugar House Park community garden and learn more about how to get involved, sign the petition here.

Sugar House Park

Why Community Gardens?

Community gardens give the city much-needed green space where residents can participate in growing their own food. They also invigorate shared cultural spaces. For example, the Off-Broadway Community Garden provided an ideal location for an adjacent pocket park where Salt Lake City highlighted local artists’ projects.

Green spaces such as Community Gardens also help break up the increasingly dense urban areas in Salt Lake City and County. The Gateway Community Garden opened in 2018 on a remediated brownfield site. The Gateway Garden is located in Salt Lake City’s densest urban area, and gives gardeners of all ages a space to grow nutritious food and build connections with their fellow gardeners.

The safe community spaces help community members reduce their carbon footprints by making nutritious food more readily available (fewer trips to the grocery store plus less imported produce!). Community gardens have the potential to help the entire community become more engaged while protecting open green spaces!

Sign the Petitions

Salt Lake City, County, and WCG need neighborhood support to create two new community gardens. Please add your name to the petitions to support the Richmond Park and Sugar House Park Community Gardens!

You can apply for a plot in any of our Salt Lake City community gardens by contacting Green City Growers coordinator Van Hoover at

To stay updated on SLCgreen, sign up for the SLCgreen Newsletter!

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