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Dropping Temps and Falling Leaves

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Fall is here in Salt Lake City and leaves are beginning to drop.

This is a friendly reminder to please use your brown compost containers to dispose of leaves. The brown bins go to the compost facility at the Salt Lake Valley Landfill.

Have a lot of leaves?

  • Try composting leaves in your own yard, in a compost can or mulching them into your flower beds or gardens. Read our blog post detailing how and why this is a beneficial practice.
  • Rather than a chore to be conquered all at once, rake enough leaves each week just to fill the can.
  • Temporarily store extra leaves in your yard, in a pile, or in a large sturdy container and feed them into your yard waste can each week.

Extra Brown Containers

Containers can be requested anytime during the year except for February and March when compost collection is temporarily suspended. 

  • Two extra brown containers for 4 weeks yardwastebin
  • One extra container for 8 weeks (for residents with limited storage)

They will be collected on your regular weekly garbage day.

Container availability is limited based on inventory. 

To request, please fill out this online form or call 801-535-6999. Requests will not be received through email.

Keep Leaves Out of Your Gutters and Storm Drains

It’s also very important to keep leaves out of your gutter. Please do not blow or sweep leaves into your gutter or the storm drains.

We also appreciate your help in collecting leaves and other organic material in your gutter and placing it in the brown compost bins.


Leaves can block storm drains and cause localized flooding.

The storm drain system also flows directly to our local waterways. Stormwater runoff and the pollutants it carries are transported straight to our streams, rivers, and lakes. Stormwater runoff is not sent to a treatment plant like the water from our homes.

Leaves, grass clippings, and other debris deplete the oxygen in the water which has serious impacts on fish, insects, and other aquatic life that need oxygen to survive.

Happy Fall! We hope you enjoy this beautiful season as much as we do!

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