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Sixteen Local Governments in Utah Call for Climate Cooperation

One of SLCgreen’s goals is to inspire action locally and nationally around climate change. Mayor Biskupski is a leader of several national coalitions to do exactly this– including the Sierra Club’s Mayors for 100% Clean Energy and the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Alliance for a Sustainable Future committee– and we’re privileged to support her work at that level.

It’s also critical to organize locally and we’ve put together workshops and meetings with fellow local governments to discuss how Utah can be a leader on climate and air quality.

PSB solar

Solar panels and the Wasatch Mountains. Shot on the roof of Salt Lake City’s Public Safety Building.

This week we’re excited to share that the Deseret News published an op-ed that demonstrates this cooperation and commitment in Utah to #ActOnClimate.

Sixteen local governments from Salt Lake City to Provo, Moab to Park City, Cottonwood Heights to Heber, and more joined us in calling for increased cooperation to mitigate climate disruption.
This summer’s wildfires, poor air quality, drought, high temperatures, and algal blooms are all indicators of the impact climate change is having on Utah.

Local governments are often tasked with addressing the damaging impacts to our communities of these extreme events, so we have an important voice in the climate conversation.

We also have a responsibility to act. (Read more about Salt Lake City’s Climate Positive plan to reduce community and municipal emissions).

But to truly tackle climate change, we need to amplify our actions. We need to “collaborate across political lines and geographic boundaries to share solutions, encourage thoughtful policy and accelerate innovation.”

We have our work cut out for us, but it’s more important than ever.

“Let’s seize the moment and build from recent breakthroughs. Let’s be the inspiring example that climate change so desperately needs.”

We encourage you to read and share the op-ed widely. 


Submitted jointly from:

Town of Alta, Mayor Harris Sondak

Cottonwood Heights City, Mayor Michael J. Peterson

Grand County, Council Members J. Hawks and M. McGann

Heber City, Mayor Kelleen Potter

City of Holladay, Mayor Rob Dahle

Millcreek City, Mayor Jeff Silvestrini

Midway City, Mayor Celeste Johnson

City of Moab, Mayor Emily Niehaus

Park City, Mayor Andy Beerman

Provo City, Mayor Michelle Kaufusi

Salt Lake City, Mayor Jackie Biskupski

Salt Lake County, Mayor Ben McAdams

Sandy City, Council Member Zach Robinson

South Jordan City, Mayor Dawn Ramsey

Summit County, Council Members R. Armstrong, K. Carson, D. Clyde, C. Robinson and G. Wright

West Valley City, Council Member Lars Nordfelt

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