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Inversion Season is Here — Here’s What You Can Do



We’re getting into dirty air season. Our first big inversion is starting this week and is expected to last awhile.

What this means is that a high pressure system is setting up, trapping cold air on the valley floors– and with it all the pollution we collectively emit. Pollution doubles every day during inversions— and it can get yucky.

Salt Lake City is committed to reducing emissions and helping our community breathe easier.

But we need your help. 

A significant source of pollution comes from our cars (roughly 50%), as well as our homes and buildings (roughly 35%). That means each of us can make a difference to our air quality.

This winter, the SLC Sustainability Department will be pushing out regular air quality tips and reminders.

Please join us! Follow along on social media and right here on our blog.  We also encourage you to join our email list to have tips delivered right to your inbox.

Share, repost, and demonstrate your commitment to clearing the air.

The top three things you can do this winter are listed in the graphic above. Click here for more information.

  1. Drive Less— aim to increase your #CarFreeDays to have the most impact. Make use of the Hive Pass if you live in Salt Lake City.
  2. Be Idle Free
  3. Skip the wood burning

We’ll come back to these actions–as well as others–over the course of the winter, giving you ideas and suggestions for how to drive less, for example, and why wood burning is a big source of pollution. We’ll also have tips for managing home energy emissions and taking part in workplace challenges.

We’ll also share up-to-date information on what the City, State, and many other partners are doing to reduce emissions for everyone.

We’re using the hashtags #ClearTheAir and #CleanAirChampion

This week’s tips:

  1. Commit to reducing your emissions. Share this post or the graphic on social media or via email.
  2. Sign up for Air Quality alerts from the Department of Environmental Quality. You can get email updates or download the app for iOS or Android.

Thanks for joining our effort.

Let’s do this!

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