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#UtahClimateWeek: What Can You Do?


We’re in the middle of Climate Week in Utah! Our events have been a great success so far and we are looking forward to the rest of the week’s activities.

Today we want to focus on what you can do to combat climate change. Of course, national and international policies make a huge difference in how many emissions global society ultimately cuts in the coming years.

But each of us can also play a role. Here’s how:

Calculate your carbon footprint

Green Calculator

Measure your impact with this comprehensive carbon footprint calculator for individuals and households. It will show you how your consumption habits compare to national and global averages and give you suggestions on how to offset your carbon footprint. SLCgreen also has a handy list of household actions you can take to reduce your impact.

Knowledge is power

Misinformation on climate change is all-too-prevalent. Be informed. Check multiple sources focusing on articles which cite and list scientific studies.  Here is a sample of some reputable sites, documentaries, and books:

Walk the talk

Transportation plays a big role in our carbon footprint. The western states have all been working to install more electric vehicle infrastructure, making it a viable and increasingly affordable option for Utahns. Consider an EV next time you are purchasing a car.

Don’t discount the big impact that walking, taking public transit (HIVE passes are great for this), or riding a Greenbike can have on your carbon footprint!


Manage your waste

Choose to buy items that are reusable– not disposable– then recycle all that you can! Make sure you are recycling items correctly, even hard-to-recycle items. Only put out your bins when they are ¾ of the way full. Downsize your garbage bin by logging in online or calling 801-535-6999 if you are not filling it up every week.

Cultivate good habits at work

Make sure any computers at your workplace are in energy-saving mode during the day and powered off at night.

You can also help your coworkers recycle! Click here for recycling resources and email us if you need a recycling magnet for the break room fridge!

Does your business or workplace have a lot of vehicle idlers? Request an Idle Free sign by emailing and post it in a visible location (Check with your supervisors first, of course).

Eat Local and Minimize Animal Products

In Utah, our food choices contribute to 25% of our household carbon footprint, and the impacts occur throughout the entire life-cycle of the food we eat.

Therefore, understanding the food system allows us to make dietary decisions that have a direct impact on climate change, as well as our local environment and economy.

What’s an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint? Eat fewer meat and dairy products.  You can learn more via our Dining with Discretion pages. And don’t forget the many  local farmers markets we have here in Salt Lake City.

Get Involved

Participate in Utah Climate Week, get involved with the groups who are a part of educating and advocating for climate action, write a letter to the editor, and speak to your friends and family on why climate change matters.

Together, we can each be part of the solution!




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