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“Leave your Leaves!” This Fall, try mulching your leaves at home



In the fall, when autumn brings a chill to the air, and Salt Lake’s oaks and elms and other deciduous trees drop their leaves, many of us turn on the blowers, haul out the rakes, and get ready for some serious work.

But—have you considered an alternative?  Using some or all of your leaves to mulch your yard or garden?

Feeding leaves back into your soil is a cost-effective and natural way to enrich your yard, as well as to protect fall plants and vegetables from the cold.

Curious?  Here are some tips for making the most of our autumnal deluge:

The benefits of mulching are many and include:

  • Saving money on yard and garden fertilizer
  • Using organic lawn care methods.
  • Protecting vegetables, trees, and other plants from the winter cold.
  • Weed reduction, come spring.
  • Leaves provide a healthy habitat for beneficial insects to survive in the winter
  • Creating less demand for Salt Lake City’s Division of Waste and Recycling to collect extra leaf cans—which reduces air pollution.
  • Keeping leaves out of storm drains improves water quality and reduces municipal costs.

Give mulching a try!  Let us know how it goes.

Remember, if you dispose of leaves– put them in Salt Lake City’s brown yard waste bin. No plastic bags please!


P.S. Here’s a NYTimes story about how communities in New York are encouraging mulching.

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