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UTA HIVE: Trax, Buses, and S-line Streetcar for $42/mo.


by Colin Green

Another summer has come and gone, can you believe it? The days are getting shorter and the fall equinox is right around the corner. Crisp morning air greets us as we step outside, sending kids off to school and beginning our morning commutes.

Autumn is a time of fresh starts and new routines. This transition is a great time to build positive habits that will carry smoothly into the busy year ahead.

We’d like to encourage you to consider integrating a lower emission commute into your routine this fall.

Around the globe, urban transit is the single greatest source of transportation related emissions and it’s growing. By riding public transit, even a few days a week, you can do your part to reduce emissions.

Driving alone in your vehicle is also a major source of local air pollution. Did you know that over 50% of Salt Lake City’s air pollution comes from transportation?  By building public transit into your routine, you can make a difference on a local and global level.

The Hive Pass can help you do that! This Salt Lake City subsidized program, which launched several years ago, offers City residents half off the monthly UTA pass! 

Whether you’re a seasoned public transit user or a new user that’s looking to integrate it into your routine, the Hive pass makes it easy. And there are some new features that make using the pass easier than ever (namely, you can buy one month at a time and you can now buy online).

By simply tapping on and off you can travel around the city and utilize all benefits that public transit has to offer: great mobility, reduced emissions, reduced congestion, and increased connection to our community, all without having to carry exact change.

The Hive Pass costs $42/month, half the rate of other UTA passes, and allows you to travel on regular UTA buses, TRAX, and the S-line Streetcar. Buy a single month pass or any number of consecutive months for your convenience. This pass can also be purchased on an annual basis (saving you a little bit more money).

New this year, the flexible pass can now be purchased online– click here to see if you’re eligible! After confirming that you’re a Salt Lake City resident, you can purchase the pass here*. You can also set up automated monthly billing on the site if that works better for your budget.

Want to learn more? Go to to become one of the thousands of SLC residents who reach past their keys to Ride with Hive.

This program is one way that Salt Lake City is helping residents do their part to mitigate climate change.  Check out Climate Positive 2040, Salt Lake City’s climate change plan, to see other ways we’re working toward steep emissions reductions at the community scale.

*Please note that the Hive pass is non-refundable.

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