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Eat Local Week is Back!

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Eat Local Week is back! This fun week, sponsored by a variety of groups including Salt Lake City, is dedicated to helping you eat more local food.

This year there are a number of events that will get you into the local food spirit including lectures, workshops, and even a challenge: Can you eat every meal with food grown or produced in Utah this week?

Food that is produced locally is inherently more sustainable and this event series is a good reminder to take a look at your food habits and consider where your food comes from.

Here’s why it matters:

The food we eat accounts for 25% of our overall carbon footprint. Understanding this fact allows us to make decisions that have a direct impact on climate change, as well as our local environment. A low carbon diet minimizes the emissions released from the production, packaging, processing, transport, preparation, and waste of food. Following a low carbon diet means consuming less meat and dairy, as well as less factory-produced food in general; choosing food grown locally and seasonally; and eating less processed and packaged foods—all of which can be accomplished by buying food from farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), and other local vendors and businesses.

According to Local First Utah, studies show that for every dollar spent in a locally owned Utah business, four times more of that dollar stays in our economy than would be the case with a national retailer. Buying locally means more tax money is available in our community. Also, spending locally instead of online ensures that your tax dollars are reinvested right here Utah.

A great way to participate in Eat Local Week is to try the “Eat Local Challenge” where participants are encouraged to eat food produced within a 250 mile radius. Luckily, we have a large selection of local vendors to make it easy!

Scroll down for a full list of events or visit the Eat Local Week website for more info.

2017 Events

Saturday, Sept. 9:


Taste of the Market (samples!) and Perfectly Wild Produce Contest at Downtown Farmers Market 8 am to 2 pm

Wasatch Community Gardens Tomato Sandwich Party 11 am-2 pm

Eat Local Week Opening Rooftop Party at Harmons City Creek 6-10 pm


Monday, Sept. 11:


Screening Pre-Party at Pago (portion of proceeds donated to Comunidades Unidas) 6 pm

“Food Chains” Documentary Screening at Tower Theater at 7 pm

Tuesday, Sept.  12:


Starting and Maintaining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Enterprise at Youth Garden Project in Moab 1-5 pm

Quickle at Downtown Harvest Market 4 pm-7 pm


Wednesday, Sept. 13:


“Food Chains” Screening & Panel Discussion in Spanish at Sorenson Unity Center 7 pm

Taste of the Market (samples!) at Sugarhouse Farmers Market 5 pm


Thursday, Sept. 14:


Farm-to-Table Dinner at USU Botanical Center 6 pm


Friday, Sept. 15:


Taste of the Market (samples!) at Liberty Park Farmers Market 4 pm
Saturday, Sept. 16:


Fermentation Festival at Downtown Farmers Market 9 am-1 pm


To see Salt Lake City’s full list of local food markets operating throughout the year, check out our Buy Local page!



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