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The Urban Greens Market Returns July 10!

The Urban Greens Market is back for its second year!

by Terra Pace

The program which began in partnership with The Green Urban Lunchbox, Utahns Against Hunger, and Utah Community Action Program’s Real Food Rising has returned to provide fresh, affordable produce to the Glendale and Poplar Grove communities.

If you love local produce and supporting the local food system, make sure pay a visit to the Urban Greens Mobile Market and tell your friends!

Come Visit the Market

Beginning July 10th the mobile market will be open at these locations and times:


What is the Urban Greens Market?

The Urban Greens Market was started in 2016 to help increase the availability of local and sustainable produce in low access areas of Salt Lake City. Community members in these areas struggle to find fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole foods as a result of a lack of or insufficient grocery stores and fresh food markets in their neighborhoods.

Last year, the five different sites within walking distance of low access neighborhoods hosted the Urban Greens Market and provided fresh produce to over 900 customers. Over 6,832 pounds of produce was sold and 69% of customers reported eating more fruits and vegetables after shopping at the market.

Produce for the market is provided by local organizations whose purpose is to increase the amount of organic produce grown, connect community members to healthy fruits and vegetables and eliminate food waste.

Perks of This Year’s Market

Affordable Prices

Who doesn’t love inexpensive produce? The Urban Greens Market provides low prices on fresh produce to make it easier to buy fresh and locally grown produce.

Once again SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as “food stamps”) users will have the opportunity to use the Double Up Food Bucks Program. With the Double Up tokens, the market will match the money spent up to $10 every market day.

Better Accessibility and Better Food

This year the market will have more times available throughout the week at a variety of different locations to help you buy better produce.

In addition, the market will begin later in the summer and run until late October to provide more in-season produce to customers this year.

Great Addition to the Community

One of the great community benefits of the Urban Greens Market is the organizations who help run it.

The Green Urban Lunchbox and Real Food Rising provide the produce sold at the market and cover its day-to-day operations.  Each has a common goal of providing accessibility to fresh produce and engaging the community in urban farming.

Utahns Against Hunger supports the market through the Double Up Food Bucks program. Additionally, there are many community organizations listed on the flyer which help promote, host, or otherwise support the market.

What Can You Do?

Visit the market!  You don’t have to live or work in Glendale or Poplar Grove to take advantage of the fresh produce and low prices.

For more information:

Learn More

If you’re interested in starting your own mobile market or otherwise taking a deep dive into how SLCgreen worked with community partners to get the Urban Greens Market off the ground last year, take a look at our toolkit.

Toolkit Snip



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