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SLC Mayor Signs Sustainable Infrastructure Executive Order


On January 12, 2017, Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski signed the Sustainable Infrastructure Executive Order, calling for citywide collaboration on sustainability.

This Executive Order builds upon the City’s commitment to using resources wisely, including water, energy, and land. Every year the City invests $200 million in a wide range of capital improvement projects to update and improve infrastructure related to water, energy, lighting and other utilities, and transportation. Through this Executive Order, the Mayor has directed departments to coordinate with one another as City infrastructure projects are designed and implemented to ensure the City is prioritizing reduction in air and greenhouse gas emissions, reduction in resource use, and improving water quality.

Last month, a steering committee was formed which includes representatives from every department. This committee is charged with creating a process and a set of guidelines to evaluate and incorporate sustainability in all major planning, construction, and design projects the City undertakes. They will also identify pilot projects to test the process to help ensure it will be effective and impactful.

“This Sustainable Infrastructure Executive Order will help us create a more resilient city. By incorporating infrastructure that is designed to mimic, restore, or minimally impact nature, we will reduce resource use, better manage stormwater flows, improve water quality, increase energy efficiency and reduce energy waste, and advance the wellbeing and quality of life for our community,” – Mayor Biskupski.

Review the full Sustainable Infrastructure Executive Order here:!WordDocuments/sustainableinfrastructure.htm

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  1. Tom Price #

    As a recent transplant to SLC for Vermont
    And active member recycling, sustainability and local growers. I am pleased to see this initiative from the Mayors office.
    I would like to speak on issues that I see weekly throughout the City and wonder if they could be brought up at a future meeting.
    On trash days I have observed city wide the fact that Recycle Cans are rarely 1/2 full.
    The cost for the trucks and wear and tear are expensive… if 20% of the people waited a week or in many cases two to have them picked up- calculate the savings.. the personnel would be freed up for other city projects…
    Also in areas outside SLC the few number of Green Cans used while the trash cans are overloaded w Branches, lawn clippings and leaves…? Can there be an incentive?
    Another Example of mid use:
    A family in our neighborhood has Two Large trash cans(overflowing) weekly w trash bags and lawn clippings and yet the Recycle Bin never see’s the street… 😣
    I would also like to see more emphasis on the awareness of Composting Organics in the Enviormental Bins…
    I would be happy to discuss these issues or be a Volunteer on the Sustainability Community Team…
    Thank You, Tom Price, Holladay
    Cell# 802-777-2171

    August 31, 2017
    • Hi Tom, You’ve hit on a lot of important issues! While we are Salt Lake City and not the city of Holladay, we’ve been encouraged that other municipalities along the Wasatch Front are taking measures to become more and more sustainable, sometimes with fewer resources that than capital city. Keep speaking up and making your voice heard with your elected officials and Holladay city staff. Resident interest and support is key! And thank you for reading SLCgreen’s blog.

      August 31, 2017

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