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Neighborhood Cleanup Information – 2017

NCU v2

The annual Neighborhood Cleanup Program for oversize items is back! The program provides an opportunity for residents to dispose of large waste items that are too big to fit in the city’s curbside cans.

The program runs from April – October across Salt Lake City. Roughly three weeks before your cleanup date, you’ll receive a postcard with your collection week.

Please do not place items on your curb before your specified week. If you aren’t sure of your street’s schedule, please call 801-535-6999. Dates are not posted online in order to discourage illegal dumping.

Recycling, donating, and reusing what you can, should always be the first choice. It’s also a common misconception that anything and everything can be put on the curb during Neighborhood Cleanup, but this is not the case.

Please follow the guidelines here, and happy spring cleaning!

Instructions for Your Pile:

  • Only large waste items will be picked up. If it fits in your cans, please put it there!
  • Examples of appropriate items include: old furniture, mattresses, large tree limbs, etc.
  • Separate green waste from other items in your pile. Do not bag. Green waste is composted!
  • Separate mattresses from other items in your pile. These are recycled!
  • Make sure your pile does not block traffic, bike lanes, fire hydrants, storm drains or sidewalks.
  • Heavy materials (rocks, sod, concrete, asphalt) must not exceed two wheel barrels full.
  • Cardboard: Cardboard boxes should not be placed on the curb, but recycled in your curbside bin.
  • Clothing: Clothing should be donated to your local thrift store.
  • BooksWe encourage residents to donate books instead of throwing them away. Softcover books can be recycled in your curbside bin.

Resources for Items NOT Eligible for Pickup:

  • Commercial construction waste – contractors are not allowed to participate in this program. More information on disposing of this type of waste is available at
  • Electronics, tires or household hazardous waste (paint, oil, fluorescent lights, batteries, TVs, computers, chemicals & pesticides). These materials can damage the health of our community by seeping into groundwater and poisoning the environment.
  • Flammable/explosive material (aerosol cans, propane tanks, etc.) Call your local fire stations for disposal information.

Other Information:

  • Failure to comply may result in citation & minimum penalty of $50.
  • Report illegal dumping at (385) 468-3862. Document license plate number, color & make of vehicle.
  • Visit or call (801) 535-6999 for more information.
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  1. Trashpandas are standing by for this year’s Trashpocalypse!

    March 11, 2017

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