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Provo City Launches Provo Clean Air Toolkit



As we’ve discussed previously, we think cities are hotbeds of sustainability solutions.

Here’s another example from our friends to the south: Provo’s Clean Air Toolkit.

In 2014, Provo was awarded a grant by Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) to pursue this project. The toolkit’s goal is to present local residents and businesses with a centralized list of strategies they can use to achieve cleaner air in Utah County, and to make clean air the common goal of Provo City’s strategic planning and operations.

You can check it out at   As you’ll see, it offers a comprehensive guide for individuals, businesses, and municipalities to use to reduce air pollutants, as well as helpful statistics and infographics detailing projections for air quality over the next few decades.


Air quality is a shared problem across Northern Utah’s counties and, at certain times of year, our dirty air can become a significant health risk. This is why the toolkit is not just for those who live in Provo, but is something all Utahns are encouraged to access and share.

It details the toolbox of small actions, policy changes, development recommendations, and more that will clear the air for all of us.

So, if you’re feeling in the mood to make New Year’s resolutions, check out the toolkit and help spread the word!  

It has many recommendations for reducing your contribution to air pollution in 2017.

We also want to tip our hats to those at Provo City and Envision Utah who collaborated to make the Clean Air Toolkit a reality.


PCA Toolkit suggestion for more efficient city planning  to reduce air pollutants from transportation.




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