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Ride with Hive Sees Record Ridership

Infographic3The Hive Pass Program recently completed its first full year with some amazing results. Over 2,300 Salt Lake City residents have purchased a Hive Pass resulting in over 520,000 trips! We have been steadily adding new riders each month with continued growth in ridership and trips taken.

The month of April saw the highest average daily use of Hive passes, with 1,831 average daily trips taken. Thanks to the extra day in March, there were a total of 55,964 trips taken throughout the month. Both of these figures represent record use for the Hive Pass Program. Bus-based trips are the most popular mode of transit among Hive Pass holders with 55% of their trips being made on UTA buses.

Hive Pass holders have been doing their part to reduce congestion and improve air quality.  With the average transit trip length being 3.28 miles, Hive Pass users have logged more than 1.7 million miles of travel. Hive Pass holders have prevented more than 803 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the air by taking trips on transit rather than a car. That’s the same as taking more than 130 cars off Salt Lake City roads.

Hive Passes are still available for Salt Lake City residents. For only $42 a month, Hive Pass holders can enjoy unlimited rides on all UTA bus, Trax, and streetcar services. There are 3 sales locations for you to get your Hive Pass. You’ll need to bring in one photo ID and two pieces of mail to prove you live in Salt Lake City (A lease agreement also works). Find out all the details on

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