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Purge your Spurge Competition


What is Myrtle Spurge?

Myrtle Spurge (Class 2 Noxious Weed of Salt Lake County) grows in large, scattered colonies on our Open Space of Salt Lake City. So we are getting ready to start the yearly purge! This specific time of year is very significant to the plant’s reproduction. We must dig up these plants before their “flowers” (actually colorful bracts) produce seeds very soon. These seeds spread easily and this plant out-competes native species. Please check out our fact sheet about Myrtle Spurge HERE 

How does the friendly competition work?

We will compare overall weights of Myrtle Spurge collected and bagged by each community. The winning Community Council will be given the annual title of “Top Myrtle Spurge Purger 2016” and some lucky group participants of that community council will receive prizes!

What will I need to bring/wear?

  • You will need to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts, no open toed shoes and bring a shovel, re-fillable water bottle and snack if needed.
  • Rubber (inexpensive dishwashing type) gloves are required when pulling spurge, bring your own from home, if you can. Or a pair will be provided.
  • Due to the nature of Myrtle Spurge, no one under 12 will be able to participate in this event and a parent or guardian must accompany the child.

Did we mention to bring a shovel?


Saturday, May 7th
9 am to 12 pm


Each Community Council has been assigned an Open Space that is within your community or as close as possible. Your exact location can be found when registering for the event HERE

Don’t see your Community Council listed? Adopt one for the day or . . . . watch for Open Space’s Puncturevine Pull Party happening this summer!

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