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#WhyWasteIt? Glass Finds New Life

So you’ve seen how the glass is collected in Salt Lake City, and you’ve taken a trip through the clean glass facility.

Now take a look at the variety of “end markets” where our recycled glass finds new life!

Owen’s Corning – Nephi, Utah

atticinstallationFiberglass insulation has become a major end market for recycled glass cullet. Fiberglass insulation utilizes clear and green colored glass for manufacturing due to its low iron content. Owen’s Corning has recently opened a new plant in Nephi, Utah and is accepting the majority of the clear and green glass that is processed onsite at Momentum Recycling.

Harsco- Ogden, Utah

sandblast 2

Sandblasting is another industry that can utilize cullet rather than using raw materials. Momentum has been working with Harsco to create a more environmentally friendly solution for their sandblasting abrasives.

Heritage Glass – Smithfield, Utah

heritageglassMomentum sends glass cullet to be used for decorative landscaping, terrazzo floors and concrete counter tops.



Asphalt Sealant- Salt Lake City, Utah

asphalt sealant

A fine mesh glass cullet can be used instead of slate in asphalt sealant. Slate is uncommon in Utah and often brought in from as far away as California.


Rocky Mountain Bottling Company – Golden, Colorado


Glass cullet can be reused in the manufacturing of glass bottles negating the need for virgin material.




This post is part of a weekly #WhyWasteIt? series exploring all aspects of glass recycling in Salt Lake City. Look for our posts each Wednesday.

Up next… glass drop off locations in Salt Lake City.

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