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#WhyWasteIt? The Basics of Curbside Glass

Curbside glass recycling is a relatively new phenomenon in Salt Lake City, and a first for the entire state of Utah.

Thanks to a close partnership with Momentum Recycling, Salt Lake City has been proud to offer voluntary curbside recycling for city residents since November 2012.

Salt Lakers who have taken the plunge have had very positive things to say about the service. If you are still sitting on the fence, here are the basics of the program.


Curbside collection for glass recycling bins occurs once a month. Residents can sign up to receive email, phone or text reminders to make sure they don’t miss their day. You can also look up your curbside glass collection day online.


The program is voluntary, and costs $6 per month. Upon registration, the fee will be added to your water bill.


Residents receive one 35 gallon bin specifically for glass collection. To give you an idea of capacity, that’s roughly 120 beer bottles or 40 wine bottles.

All colors of glass bottles and jars are accepted with no color separation required.


We would be happy to answer them!

This post is part of a weekly #WhyWasteIt? series exploring all aspects of glass recycling in Salt Lake City. Look for our posts each Wednesday.

Up next… Glass Collection in Salt Lake City.

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