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Turn your key, be idle free

DSC_0122With fall upon us, and cooler weather in the forecast for Salt Lake City, it is the perfect time to recommit to making one small change that will have a positive impact on our air quality (and your pocketbook!) this season. Say it with us…

Turn your key, be idle free!

For over six years, Salt Lake City and its partners have promoted the voluntary Idle Free Utah campaign in schools across the valley and in every corner of the state. The campaign reminds parents to eliminate vehicle idling in school pick up zones to prevent the unhealthy buildup of air pollution in an area heavily trafficked by children.

The Benefits

What are the benefits of being idle free?

  • Save Money. By reducing fuel use.
  • Breathe Easier. By preventing unhealthy exhaust from building up in and around your vehicle.
    • Yes, we said IN your vehicle. Often drivers do not realize that idling to keep the car warm or cool also exposes those in the vehicle to higher levels of emissions and exhaust.
  • Protect the Environment. By reducing idling emissions that contribute to poor air quality.

The Ordinance

Last year, Salt Lake City expanded on the success of the Idle Free Utah campaign and enacted an Idle Free Ordinance which prohibits unnecessary vehicle idling within city limits on public property and private property open to the public (parking lots, drive through windows, etc.)

The City has worked closely with area businesses to post “Idle Free City” signs in drive through lanes and other key areas to remind residents of the ordinance and the importance of being idle free. Enforcement is conducted daily via Salt Lake City’s Compliance Officers, and on a complaint basis.

Learn more about the ordinance.

Questions? Let us know!

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