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Bike Commuting: The Basics


[Watch our bike commuting feature on KUTV 2News This Morning!]

Commuting by two wheels can transform the dullest part of your day (your commute) into the best part of your day (your “me” time).

The SLCgreen crew loves their bikes, so we, with the help of the Bicycle Transit Center and, put together some tips to get you rolling.

Safety First. Make sure your bike is road-worthy! We recommend that you:

  1. Take your bike it into the shop for a quick tune up. 
  2. Make sure you have the proper bike lights and reflectors.
  3. Find the right helmet with a proper fit.
  4. Pull out your brightest yellow shirt or vest for enhanced visibility.
  5. Read up on the rules of the road at

Gear Up! There are a few things that will make your commute run smoothly:

  1. Secure a bike rack and panniers on your bike.
  2. Pack a repair a kit with the basics. You can buy one or assemble it yourself.
  3. Consider fenders, which will protect you from tire splatter on a drizzly day.
  4. Lock it up! U-locks are more secure than cable locks. Get the scoop from
  5. License your bike with the city. This simple step can help you recover your bike in the event of theft, and it is required by law.

What to wear. In addition to your bright shirt or vest, a few things to consider:

  • Mellow Commute: You may be able to wear your work clothes.
  • Not-So-Mellow Commute: Pack your work clothes in your panniers. We recommend rolling your clothes to prevent creasing.

Plan your attack. Choose the right route for your commute. Check out the BikeSLC Map or try the bike feature on Google Maps.

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