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Summer Smog


Summer is a beautiful time in Salt Lake City. The flowers are blooming, the trees are green and the mountains offer unparalleled activities for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike. We are all so happy to say goodbye to the inversions that gunk up our winter air.

But don’t let the blue skies fool you — our valley faces air pollution challenges in the summer months, too. Ozone pollution, a different kind of pollution than our wintertime particulates (PM2.5), forms through a chemical reaction when heat and sun combine with emissions. It can aggravate asthma and impact heart and lung health.

Learn about ozone pollution and its health impacts.

State health officials recommend that on days that face poor air quality, residents exercise outdoors during the morning and evening hours. Ozone pollution often peaks sometime between noon and 6 p.m.

View current air quality conditions in Salt Lake City.

You can limit your impact on air quality by driving less. Ride UTA, walk, bike, skip a trip or even carpool. Track the trips and miles you save by using alternatives to driving alone this July through the Clear the Air Challenge and you just might win a prize for your efforts!

[VIDEOS] Get inspired by Salt Lake City residents making a positive impact on air quality.

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