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Stop your engines, it’s time to Clear the Air!

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Rally your team and get ready to leave your car at home — it’s almost time for the 2013 Clear the Air Challenge! The fifth annual Challenge kicks off on July 1st and runs through July 31st. Teams and companies will compete for bragging rights and great prizes, but with clearer air we all win.

During the month of July, thousands of Utahns will track the trips and miles they save by choosing alternative forms of transportation. From walking, biking and taking public transit, to teleworking, carpooling and trip chaining, our collective impact will be tracked in real-time.

Community benefits include a strengthened local economy, improved air quality, enhanced health, reduced energy consumption and improved mobility. Since the Challenge began in 2009, over 11,000 Utahns have saved over 5.2 million miles!

Why should you participate?

We’ll let some past Challenge winners make the case:

“During the 2010 Clear the Air Challenge I made some important life changes that translated into winning this year. I have been riding my bike year-round for a physical life change, as well as a personal commitment to help alleviate some of the pollution which contributes to my son’s asthma problems. Thank you for this life-changing Challenge!”

–        Chad Turner, 2011 Grand Prize Winner for Most Trips Saved

“The Clear the Air Challenge makes you a lot more aware of how often you go places, and makes you even more aware of how often you are in a vehicle. During the Challenge I tried to increase the amounts of walking that I did in even more of an effort to reduce emissions. It’s amazing how much a person can miss by just driving to a place rather than walking.”

–        Danielle Frohn, 2011 Grand Prize Winner for Most Consistent Gold

“The Clear the Air Challenge is a yearly reminder that my actions do count, and that I can make a difference. It reminds me that even the simplest decisions can have a lasting impact.”

–        Ashley Giessing, 2011 Grand Prize Winner for Most Consistent Bronze

Seize the Moment

3485 CTAC-blog site bug opt-250x250What are you waiting for? Head over to to register!

Now is the perfect time to act on those good intentions and see the impact you can have on improved air quality.

And be sure to recruit your coworkers, friends and family because we need everyone to get excited to “Drive Less, Drive Smarter” and do their part! Stop by the Team Start-Up Kit for tools to help you rally.

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