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Residents Embrace Curbside Glass Recycling

Glass Recycling

Last fall, Salt Lake City unveiled a program that promised to be an instant hit with Salt Lake City residents: curbside glass recycling.

For a $6 monthly fee, residents receive a 35 gallon recycling bin exclusively for glass, eliminating the need to haul glass to drop off sites and making it easier for all residents to recycle their glass waste.

We are now three months into the program, and the response has been great! Over 1,400 residents have subscribed to the first phase of the project (State Street to 2200 East, city limits south and north, plus the Avenues and Capitol Hill).

The response has been so positive that the curbside program will go citywide this April! If you live west of State Street or east of 2200 East, make sure to sign up to receive your bin (you will need your water bill account number).

About 130 tons of glass is now being recycled per month in the city, a number that is expected to increase when phase two rolls out this spring.

Residents are impressed with the curbside service provided by Salt Lake City contractor Momentum Recycling. We heard from one subscriber who couldn’t believe that their glass bin was picked up, on time, during the height of the January snowstorms:

@dougums1979: Glass recycle bin stuck behind snowbank & not full so I didn’t place on curb. SLC picked it up anyway! Impressed! 

What is your experience with the curbside glass program?

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