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Hot Issue: Air Quality


Air quality is a hot topic for residents living in Salt Lake City and along the Wasatch Front. It’s no surprise, really. With more than 22 RED air quality days on the calendar so far this year, it’s easy to count the days our air quality has been GREEN on your fingers.

Learn more about winter inversions – what they are and what we can all do.

Salt Lake City is committed to improving our air quality, and is aggressively working to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality through programs that conserve electricity and natural gas, encourage individuals to drive down their personal motor vehicle miles and reduce other sources of air pollution.

Learn more about what Salt Lake City is doing to help improve air quality.

One of the largest contributors to our air pollution is motor vehicle emissions. This is both a challenge and an opportunity. The opportunity is for residents to take simple but important actions to reduce their vehicle trips and miles. The challenge is speaks for itself.

Learn more about driving less and other green transportation options.

In addition to implementing an Idle Free Ordinance, Salt Lake City is working on new strategies that will result in real, measurable improvements in the air quality. Stay tuned for more developments.

Good Air Quality

View current air quality conditions in Salt Lake City.

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